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Products - LEON2-MT

LEON2-MT is the first commercial processor with micro-threaded extensions. Its development has been initiated by the European Space Agency as a follow-up of a previous theoretical research on micro-threading towards exploring its applicability to imaging applications embedded in satellites. Specifically, the goal is to replace custom signal processing ASICs by hardware-accelerated software kernels to shorten the production pipeline and increase the time span when a launched platform stays relevant for new developments.

New micro-threaded features, implemented for the first time in LEON2-MT, are:

  • mixed criticality: there are multiple priority levels in the application, and the architecture must cater for this throughout the thread management logic.
  • circuit complexity and energy efficiency: The space application requires a smaller hardware design and more significant performance increases that bridge the gap to ASICs more clearly than other alternative solutions.

LEON2-MT configured in the VC707 board.
VC707 board with L2MT.